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November 27, 2005

lazy sunday..

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morning. well today is gonna be one of those lounging on the couch kinda days i think. Friends of ours have taken koby into the city to see all the christmas stuff, so it’s just me and charlee. She is asleep at the min.
I have been really lethargic lately and i have had to start taking iron tablets again. I had low iron all through both pregnancies, but i’m not sure what is causing it at the min. I have also had a sore throat for a few months. And this really annoying feeling at the back of my throat. It feels like there is a lump or something stuck on my tonsil. It’s not sharp like a fish bone or anything, but i can feel it everytime i swallow. It comes and goes. I think i will go to the doctors on monday to get him to have a look, it has been there for ages, so i don’t think it’s gonna go away on it’s own now.

only about two and a half weeks until charlee is 1. This year has gone SO fast. I cant believe my little baby is almost one. She has started saying “ta” and handing me stuff. it’s a great game to her, she sits there passing endless amounts of junk to me saying “ta?”. Still no sign of her walking anytime soon though, she is happy to crawl and walk around holding things still.

Speak of the devil.. she has just woken. i can here “Da da da da” comming from her room.. so that’s all from me today.


November 23, 2005

well i’ve done it…

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i have finally reached my breaking point.. i have banned koby from drinking in the loungeroom. I am just so over constantly finding puddles on the floor, or a wet couch where he has spilled something and not told me. Yesterday alone he managed to spill cordial on the couch, empty half his drink bottle over his bed, and spill another drink in the middle of the longe room.

It’s not like he is drinking out of a glass either. He has a drink bottle with one of those pop-top things on it. yet he still manages to spill it at least once a day.

so now the house ruls state that he MUST NOT have any form of drink anywhere else in the house. EVER. he is only aloud to drink while standing still in the kitchen.


On a lighter note, charlee experienced her first icypole today. She loved it.

November 21, 2005


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well what a weekend i had.
it started on friday night when i went out clubbing with the girls. It was my friends birthday so we went out for tea and out dancing. i stumbled home at about 3am. I was quite good though, and only had one drink, so i didn’t have a hangover to deal with as well. Luke has cricket on Sat morning though so i had to get up when the kids woke at about 7:30.. i’m still recovering *yawn*

then the next day i had a photoshoot at 2 that i nearly forgot about. If the client hadn’t called me that morning to push the time back an hour then i don’t think i would have remembered.
the shoot went pretty well, four boys (10, 7 and 18 month old twins) who were all considerably out of control. I have proofed most of the shots though, and it appears as though i have quite a few good ones.
then on Sunday i had my great grandfathers 100th birthday party.. yes.. 100! and he is still going strong. i reccon he will out-live me at this rate.

anyway, charlee has just gone down for a nap, and koby is at grandma’s so i’m gonna get some cleaning done.

high: finished chrissy shopping for the kids today, and also got the pessies for charlees birthday.
low: i have 3 piles of washing i need to sort through and put away… *groan*..

November 13, 2005


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mummy where is teddy? in your room…
mummy where is my drink? on the bench…
mummy can i have a bickie? just one…
mummy can i play on the puta? no mummys working..
mummy can you put a video on? which one..?
mummy what are you doing? working..
mummy can i help? no…
mummy what’s that? cleaning spray…
mummy where is my drink? on the coffee table…
mummy can i have a sandwich? when it’s lunch time…
mummy can i have some cheese? in your sandwich…
mummy can i have an ice creame? no…
mummy wheres my drink? on the bench..

November 12, 2005

Do chickens piddle?

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who builds bones?
where does your voice come from?

these are just a few of the brain teasing questions koby has come out with lately… He is just full of them at the min.. drives me crazy sometimes but it mostly make me PMSL.
Not much going on today, luke is at cricket. He coaches the junior games in the mornings, then plays in his team at 1. he left at 7:30am and will be home again at around 8pm… god i hate cricket season.

I am feeling very domestic today and i think i might do a big clean up of the kitchen…
i’ll let you know later whether i actually go through with it lol.
both kids are happily (for a change) playing together in the toy/sun room.

koby was up half the night last night. He fell asleep on the couch at 6 (after a long day playing with his friends at mothers group, and hanging out with daddy in the afternoon). So because he went to sleep so early he was up at the crack of dawn.. actually before dawn.. 4:30am to be precice. i managed to get him back into bed at about 5.30 though…

ok that’s all for now..

November 9, 2005


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ok just a quick one tonight.
photo shoot went well.
i have a shockin headache now though. Both kids are in bed, so i’m gonna toddle off now too.

High: My mother-in-law filled up my car with petrol this morning($50 worth!)… bless her
Low: it was a hot day and i have a headache 😦
but there is a cool change and a thunderstorm coming.



November 8, 2005

what’s up

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Well today turned out to be a pretty boring day. Charlee was in a charming mood (note the sarcasim) but i managed to have a koby free afternoon while his grandma (MIL) took him out for a few hours. Luke ended up coming home early from work (still not sure why exactlly). We managed to scrape together enough coins to get some fish and chips for tea, because i couldn’t be bothered cooking.

tomorrow: I have a photo shoot at a friends house tomorrow. I am taking both the kids because she has a little boy that use to go to kobys playgroup. so they are good friends.
i am loving my new camera at the min. I took these of charlee this afternoon.

i am so proud of my boy. for the past 5 nights he has gone to bed with just undies (no nappy/pull-up) and hasn’t wet the bed. He has been day toilet trained since july but i think (touch wood) that i can now offically say that he is fully toilet trained. This time last year i was positive that he would be the only kid in kinder still wearing nappies. He flatly refused to even consider going to the toilet. Now he is peeing like a pro.

He is now asleep on the couch with luke… hmmm.. time for be i think…

November 7, 2005

Photos of the kids

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ok i thought i’d pop back in an put some photos of my kids up. I took these this week with my new Digital SLR (Canon Drebel xt 350). I got it last week and i have been taking photos like a mad woman (a mad woman with a really good camera that is). I am LOVING the instant gratification of seeing my photos up on the little screen.. Film? what’s film?

anyway, here’s the kids. Koby and Charlee

So you found it…

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…great, welcome. This is my life in a blog. For all you nosey people with nothing better to do than follow the link LOL. Hopefully i will be able to keep this as a regular log taking note of the boring comings and goings of my life.

OK a bit about me (for those who actually don’t know me). I am 24. I married my highschool boyfriend in 2002. Three months before that our son Koby was brought into the world. Two and a half years later he was joined by out little princess Charlee, who is now almost one.

Luke works full time, and i have just started my own photography busness, specalising in babies and children. (Shameless plug warning: If you are in the melbourne area and are interested in having me come over and do a photo shoot of your children them please feel free to email me and organize a session 🙂 )We rent a house in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne in Australia.

At the moment my life consists of changing nappies, feeding kids, washing clothes, doing the dishes, and chatting to my many online friends. who probably know more about me than my few real life friends whom i hardly get to see. Mainly because i am the only one with kids, and so i dont really have much in common with the people that i was friends with before the kids. Don’t get me wrong, i still have a few great real life friends who i talk to on a regular basis. But many of my “old” friends have moved on with their lives. Which is fair enough.

anyway moving on.. news from today..

High point: got to sleep in till 8:30am
Low Point: Charlee has discovered that it’s funny to drop all her food onto the floor while she is in her highchair… note to charlee: it’s not funny possum..

well both kids are in bed now, and luke has just gotten home from basket ball (he plays in a team with his old high school mates every monday night). So i should probably go and be sociable with him.


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