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November 7, 2005

Photos of the kids

Filed under: Family stuff — missymuh @ 9:43 pm

ok i thought i’d pop back in an put some photos of my kids up. I took these this week with my new Digital SLR (Canon Drebel xt 350). I got it last week and i have been taking photos like a mad woman (a mad woman with a really good camera that is). I am LOVING the instant gratification of seeing my photos up on the little screen.. Film? what’s film?

anyway, here’s the kids. Koby and Charlee


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  1. Hello,

    my name is Alex and I do occasionally post on EB baby forum(mrsmac2) I have alwasy admired your photographs, and I think your feel for composition is simply beautiful. I noticed on your previous blogg that you have the same camera I just bought myself (Canon EOS rebel 350) I also bought a EFS lense IS 17-85mm. So I am ready to take photos..

    I wanted to ask you what software do you use to organise/manipulate and print your photos. I currently use Adobe photoshop elements and its ok but I find it hard to use sometimes.
    Any advice you could offer me would be great. I can be emailed at

    Comment by Alexandra — November 27, 2005 @ 7:54 pm

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