My life in a blog…

November 7, 2005

So you found it…

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…great, welcome. This is my life in a blog. For all you nosey people with nothing better to do than follow the link LOL. Hopefully i will be able to keep this as a regular log taking note of the boring comings and goings of my life.

OK a bit about me (for those who actually don’t know me). I am 24. I married my highschool boyfriend in 2002. Three months before that our son Koby was brought into the world. Two and a half years later he was joined by out little princess Charlee, who is now almost one.

Luke works full time, and i have just started my own photography busness, specalising in babies and children. (Shameless plug warning: If you are in the melbourne area and are interested in having me come over and do a photo shoot of your children them please feel free to email me and organize a session 🙂 )We rent a house in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne in Australia.

At the moment my life consists of changing nappies, feeding kids, washing clothes, doing the dishes, and chatting to my many online friends. who probably know more about me than my few real life friends whom i hardly get to see. Mainly because i am the only one with kids, and so i dont really have much in common with the people that i was friends with before the kids. Don’t get me wrong, i still have a few great real life friends who i talk to on a regular basis. But many of my “old” friends have moved on with their lives. Which is fair enough.

anyway moving on.. news from today..

High point: got to sleep in till 8:30am
Low Point: Charlee has discovered that it’s funny to drop all her food onto the floor while she is in her highchair… note to charlee: it’s not funny possum..

well both kids are in bed now, and luke has just gotten home from basket ball (he plays in a team with his old high school mates every monday night). So i should probably go and be sociable with him.



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