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November 21, 2005


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well what a weekend i had.
it started on friday night when i went out clubbing with the girls. It was my friends birthday so we went out for tea and out dancing. i stumbled home at about 3am. I was quite good though, and only had one drink, so i didn’t have a hangover to deal with as well. Luke has cricket on Sat morning though so i had to get up when the kids woke at about 7:30.. i’m still recovering *yawn*

then the next day i had a photoshoot at 2 that i nearly forgot about. If the client hadn’t called me that morning to push the time back an hour then i don’t think i would have remembered.
the shoot went pretty well, four boys (10, 7 and 18 month old twins) who were all considerably out of control. I have proofed most of the shots though, and it appears as though i have quite a few good ones.
then on Sunday i had my great grandfathers 100th birthday party.. yes.. 100! and he is still going strong. i reccon he will out-live me at this rate.

anyway, charlee has just gone down for a nap, and koby is at grandma’s so i’m gonna get some cleaning done.

high: finished chrissy shopping for the kids today, and also got the pessies for charlees birthday.
low: i have 3 piles of washing i need to sort through and put away… *groan*..


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