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November 27, 2005

lazy sunday..

Filed under: Family stuff — missymuh @ 10:51 am

morning. well today is gonna be one of those lounging on the couch kinda days i think. Friends of ours have taken koby into the city to see all the christmas stuff, so it’s just me and charlee. She is asleep at the min.
I have been really lethargic lately and i have had to start taking iron tablets again. I had low iron all through both pregnancies, but i’m not sure what is causing it at the min. I have also had a sore throat for a few months. And this really annoying feeling at the back of my throat. It feels like there is a lump or something stuck on my tonsil. It’s not sharp like a fish bone or anything, but i can feel it everytime i swallow. It comes and goes. I think i will go to the doctors on monday to get him to have a look, it has been there for ages, so i don’t think it’s gonna go away on it’s own now.

only about two and a half weeks until charlee is 1. This year has gone SO fast. I cant believe my little baby is almost one. She has started saying “ta” and handing me stuff. it’s a great game to her, she sits there passing endless amounts of junk to me saying “ta?”. Still no sign of her walking anytime soon though, she is happy to crawl and walk around holding things still.

Speak of the devil.. she has just woken. i can here “Da da da da” comming from her room.. so that’s all from me today.


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