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December 21, 2005

and we’re off….

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well it’s been a few weeks since i was here so it’s time for a bit of an update post.
My girl is one 😦 so very depressing. Her party was great, despite a last min location change.

In the last day or two she has discovered that she can stand up on her own, and today she even took two steps. It’s like she has turned into this todler overnight.

Christmas is fast approaching. We are heading up to the country (kerang, aprox 4.5 hours away) on thursday night to spend sometime with lukes family. We will be driving back christmas eve and will be home in plenty of time for the big red guy. Photography is going great guns. i have just finished proofing my last session, now i don’t have to worry about anything until the 30 which is when my next one is booked. I was also payed for some photos that i sold today which was a nice little bonus to get before chrissy. off to spend that tomorrow on some last min presents for the rellos.

I have finished about 80% of my christmas shopping. just have to get something for my sister, brother and his fiance and also luke. But i told him that i wanna get him a new “engagement” ring, so he has to pick that out himself. i wouldn’t risk just picking one for him, because out tastes are so completely different. his old “engagement” ring broke a few months ago.
When we got engaged he insisted that he needed a ring as well, why should i get to have one when he doesnt *roll eyes*

MIL had a car accident last week, broke her wrist and put some other woman in hospital. It doesn’t surprise me at all because she is the most reckless driver i have ever come across.

Anyway, that’s all i can really think of. Charlee needs to have her 12 month imunisations tonight. so i’m gonna start getting tea ready now.


December 6, 2005

ok… now i’m starting to freak out..

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7 days until my baby girl turns one!!!!!

7….. days…..

where has this year gone? I remember how excited i was this time last year. I was booked in for a C section, so i new the exact date my little one was gonna be born. so it was just a matter of counting down the days. I had no idea at the time that she was a girl, but i was praying with all my little heart that i would get my little princess.

she is so funny, she has started pushing things around on her knees, she will stick puppy in the back of one of kobys trucks and just push him around the play room. And she is SO cheeky…

everytime i look at her i see myself only better,
… after koby was born i never imagined that i could love anything as much as i love him, but then when charlee was born i was totally amazed how my love doubled so completely. And now i can never imagine loving anything as much as either of them.

i am SO not ready for my baby to grow up 😦

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