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February 8, 2006


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i wrote a whole entry on this the other week, but for some reason it has dissapeared..

anyway, i mentioned a few weeks ago that my throat was giving me issues. well last week i decided to go to the doctors to see if he could tell me what was going on. anyway, he seemes to think it’s this thing called a pharyngeal pouch. So he sent me to have an xray (barrum swallow) on friday. the results were in on tuesday, but the latest i could get an appointment was tomorrow. If it is this pouch thing then i will need surgery to correct it. I am actually looking forward to spending a few days in hospital. A change of sceanery, and having people look after me for a change. is that wrong? lol

other than that news, Charlee is now walking about 90% of the time. she has even attempted to run a few times, but that usually ends in tears lol. as soon as we get some money, i’ll have to go out and buy her some shoes.

koby started kinder last friday. there was a few tears to begin with, but he was fine after a few min. He was upset because Charlee couldn’t go with him. i had to explain to him in the car why charlee couldn’t go to kinder. by the time we got there he seemed ok with it.

I added some of my Digital art to my website. I feel like i am in a bit of a rut at the min, but i am trying my best to be inspired by something, anything. i don’t care what.

I have a photshoot coming up on the 18th.

other than that, not much has been going on.


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