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February 17, 2006

Puke, puke and more puke…

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Well charlees puking continued well into the day. By six oclock she had hardly had any fluids, because everytime i gave her somethign to drink, within 10 min she would throw it up again. So she was getting very dehydrated. So i decided to take her down to our local emergancy room. Two and a half hours later a doctor finally saw her. She had thrown up twice in the waiting room. He looked her over and came to the conclusion that she was dehydrated, but not enough to want to admit her. So he gave me this speel about how to gradually reintroduce fluids until she is over it. Information that i

A: already knew and

B: could have been told 2.5 hours ago and been sent on my merry little way.

Anyway, i finally got her to sleep just after twelve, and she only woke up once at about 2 for a drink, and then slept till 7:30. So far today she has had a few things to eat and quite alot to drink, and has managed to hold it all down.

It’s not a plesent experience watching your one year old puking her guts out, and not being able to do anything about it.

Apparently it was just a gastro bug, that koby probably brought home from Kinder. which means that me and luke will probably end up with it too at some stage.

Anyway, my little one has just woken up, so i’d better go give her a cuddle. just cuz i want to.


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