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February 20, 2006

A girls day to shop.

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Well that’s what Monday’s are anyway. Koby has started going to playgroup with his grandma again which means and she takes him out of my hair all day. So me and Charlee get to have mummy daughter days. Today we hit the shops.

I picked up some cute tops for her at Cotton On Kids. 50% off, so they were only $10 each. I also scored a gorgeous dress for myself only $15 (reduced down from the original price of $69!!!) from Tree Of Life.

 Then we sat down in the food court and had some lunch. Then more window shopping followed. I also popped into spotlight to pick up some fabric to start making Charlee a quilt for her big girl bed. I don’t know what possessed me to want to make her a quilt considering I have never quilted in my life. But I have been looking around for a while for a decent donah cover for her, and I have always come home gravely disappointed and empty handed.

At Kmart and Target all I can ever find is Barbie, Bratz, My Little Pony or some other boringly un-original licensed brand. And I have had a look in spotlight a few times, but anything nice and original looking is not gonna leave me much change from $100. And i simply can not justify spending that much on a donah cover for her.

Heck i don’t even spend that much on linen for myself! So I am making her a quilt. I picked up some gorgeous fabric in pink and pale blue tones ( a gingham check, a stripe, a paisley, a floral and a small print floral). They were only $4.95 a meter. And I have made up the design myself.


It will probably take me a good 3 months to finish. But I will pop it up on here to let you all have a squiz at my handiwork when it is done. Anyway after spotlight, we popped into Coles to pick up some small things. And when I got home I remembered that I had forgotten to buy garbage bags (the last one is currently lining the 80% full bin as we speak). So now it looks like I’ll have to go all the way down to the shops again, just to buy garbage bags. Oooh I have a better idea.. I’ll just get Luke to grab some on his way home from work. Brilliant.High: finding my $15 bargan dress, and it was actually in my size for a change.

 Low: realizing that i forgot to get the garbage bags, which when i think about it, were the only things i really needed to remember to get.            




  1. Awwww Mummy daughter days 🙂
    Gorgeous dress!!! What a bargain!! I am in love with The Tree of Life and have been for the last 10yrs. They always have good sale racks 🙂 It’s so sad that there is only one left in Melbourne! One more reason to visit my folks in NSW more often 😉

    Love the quilt fabrics too. Beautiful. I have been having similar yearnings. Must be something to do with having a little girl 🙂 Suddenly we have an urge to sew *lol*. Can’t wait to see the results!!

    Comment by Susannah — February 21, 2006 @ 8:16 am

  2. lol about the quilting yernings. i know, i never had the urge to make koby anything like that. i think i just want everything of hers to be pretty and special.
    I had no idea that there was only one TOF store left!!! better go back and buy some more stuff before they dissappear too lol.

    Comment by missymuh — February 21, 2006 @ 11:44 pm

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