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February 22, 2006

A boy and his tomatoes.

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 Koby loves tomatoes, not just any tomatoes, but the small cherry tomato variety. He loves them. Ever since he had his first one at about eighteen months old. He has been known to polish of an entire punit of them on his own in less than 30 min. He eats them like any normal kid would eat strawberries.

My mum decided it would be a good idea to buy him a cherry tomato plant for him to grow himself. She went out last November and brought a little kit that had the pot, the soil the seed and instructions. And sent it home with him. We planted the seed, and after about 10-14 days (As stated on the packet) we began to see some little seedlings. Boy oh boy was he excited.

Two weeks later the seedlings were looking a little worse for ware. Birds had been picking at them, and they looked a little sick. So mum and me discussed our options, and decided to buy him an already established seedling, and go from there. So we did.

Koby would check this plant religiously every morning for any sign of a tomato. And one day in early January, he was blessed. One tiny little green tomato had started to grow.

Now he has been waiting and watching this little green tomato grow for close to 4 weeks. Every day he would ask me if he could eat it yet. And we would go outside and give it a thorough inspection. I would ask him if he thinks it is red enough. And he would reply by telling me if, in his opinion, the tomato was red enough or if we should leave it one more day.

One morning early this week, he came to the conclusion that yes, yes it was ready to eat. But he said he would wait until he got home from playgroup so that he could show grandma.

When the time came, he picked that tomato with more pride than I have ever seen in a little boy. Closed his eyes and placed the warm, juicy red morsel into his mouth.

Then, he spat it back out…

“It’s all fuzzy mummy, and it hurts my tongue” he said with horrified expression on his face. So I took the tiny little tomato from him and washed it under the tap until he was satisfied, then I cut it in half.

This time it passed inspection, and he munched it up with great enthusiasm.

“Mmm, it’s very yummy” replied the three-year-old tomato connoisseur.

“Now I have to wait for the tree to make another one mummy…”


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