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February 27, 2006

Mummy Daughter Monday

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Another monday, another mummy daughter day..

Today we had to go and get two new spare tyres for both my car and lukes. Mine got a huge hole in it about 4 weeks ago, and lukes went flat for no reason yesterday. Easy way to blow $150 in one go. *sigh*

After that we went to the post office and posted some stuff to clients (slide show cd’s, prints and such). Then we brought a new book. “Too Many Pears” by Jackie French & Bruce Whitely. I LOVE the illustrations in this book, they are just beautiful. I borrowed it from the library for koby about a month ago, and he loved it. We had to read it everynight, and there were tears when it had to go back. My local book shop was having a sale, so it was on special.

After that we had some lunch then some window shopping and now we are home. Miss C is asleep, and i am eating donuts…mmmm…donuts.

I was so excited when i got home to find a big package waiting for me. It was some collage/decopage paper that i ordered online. I wasn’t expecting it to be delivered until next week. 

NOt much else is happening here today. I need to do some cleaning, dishes, washing ect. Here are some pics that i took this morning with my Film SLR. I hadn’t used it in ages, and there was half a film in it from months ago, so i thought i’d better use it up before the film gets too old. Here is Miss C playing her LeapPad Piano with her feet, and rearranging the furnature in her room. Notice all the toys strewn on the floor.

I don’t know why i bother trying to keep them on her shelf. She loves to just stand there and pull them all off again. Funny girl.

Oh, and i think lilac and brown are definatly “her” colours… I think it’s a blonde thing. Blondes always look good in purple…


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