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“The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love colour the most”-John Ruskin  


I’m not sure what I should really put here besides the standard waffle about how old i am and where I am from. I feel as though i should put some effort into writing something that is going to let you all have a bit more of an insight into my life. But sadly for me there really isn’t that much to say. As I type I am twenty four years old. I have been married to my high school boyfriend for nearly four years. We have been blessed with two perfect, healthy and beautiful children. Our oldest, Koby Ethan, will be four in June. And our little princess Charlee Lesley turned one shortly before last Christmas. My husband works full time as a retail manager, much to his disgust as he would much prefer to be a rock star. And approximately six months ago, I decided that i wanted to become a professional children’s photographer.  We rent in the outer suburbs of Melbourne Australia, and due to lack of financial freedom, I imagine that we will still be renting here for many years to come. My star sign is Cancer, which for those who follow astrology should reveal a lot about me. I am sensitive, sentimental, loyal, and honest. However, I often hide my feelings and i am more likely to hide behind someone more outgoing (like my husband) and let them take all the limelight instead of having attention on myself. I love colour, pattern, texture, words and singing (but only when no one is listening) I am incredibly artistic, however i am often frustrated with myself, and my lack of inspiration. Unfortunately as a SAHM of two young children, I don’t often have time to indulge in many of my artistic longings. If I could I would take long walks on my own, and sit and people-watch for hours to gain the inspiration that I need to put pen to paper, and unleash the pent up artistic frustrations that are inside. However, it is not practical, so instead i have to channel them into more realistic avenues such as my photography, and scrapbooking. And living vicariously through other artist and illustrators who live my dream. All that being said if i could run my live over again, up until this point, I would do nothing differently as far as getting married and having children relatively young. I honestly couldn’t picture that part of my life any differently. But as for my career and education i would have paid more attention to what i really wanted to do, and pursued it to all ends of the earth. Only then i think my life would have been perfect. But i am still young, and once the kids are off to school and getting on with their own lives i will still be young enough to indulge in those dreams and fantasies of artistic freedom. For now I am just plodding along in this thing called life, enjoying watching my children grow and learn, and recording the day to day occurrences in my blog.  


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