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March 12, 2006

I have moved

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Due to numerous technical dificulties associated with wordpress and my home PC i have had to abandon my WordPress blog.

You can now find me at

cheers xxx



March 6, 2006

Mummy Daughter Monday

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Well this MDM was a bit of a crock. Luke is home because his hand is too sore to work, so we couldn’t go out and do girly things. Most of the morning was spent dealing with a cranky Koby who didn’t want to go to playgroup with grandma, so he chucked a mega hissyfit and refused to go. So she left, then twenty miniuts after she went he decided that going to playgroup with grandma might not be such a bad idea after all, so we had to call her back again.

I have also been sitting at home waiting all day for a client to “call in” and dop off some money. She said she would be here at 1 and it is already 4…

On a good note i got mail. A book that i ordered off Amazon arrived today “Artists journals & sketchbooks” by Lynne Perrella. It is such an inspirational book. I went out to my local scrap shop and brought some supplies to do some collage stuff tonight while i watch the Oscars. I have been blocking my ears and not watching any news updates all day so i don’t get told who wins what. I hate that. because we are behind we always get shown who wins what on the news 30 min before they air the whole awards. It is so frustrating. Anyway, that’s all that happened today.

Here is a collage that i did the other day, just so i have a picture to show.























  Mixed media including paper, acrylic paint, corrogated cardboard, magazine cutouts, phtocopied photos and pen.

March 5, 2006

You’ve Got Mail.

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I love this movie! it was on telly last night so i watched it for the 50th time. I am just a sucker for romantic comedies… Plus Tom Hanks.. i mean has that man ever made a bad movie? Philadelphia, Cast away, Sleepless in Seattle, Saving Privet Ryan, Toy story, BIG.. now that’s a classic.

In other news, luke managed to dislocate his little finger in two places playing cricket yesterday. I ended up sitting with him in the emergancy room for nearly 3.5 hours. He was in SO much pain, and all they gave him for it was some panadene. MY poor man. He really doesn’t do well at hospitals, and like most men, is the hugest wussy pants when it comes to needles. But he did really well. he managed not to throw up and only passed out once.




March 3, 2006

So very hot…

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Errgh.. i hate summer. Hate hate hate it… give me a nice cold, wet winter day anytime. It was 35 degrees here today. Koby went to kinder this morning. He is loving it. He comes home with at least half a dosen paintings and pasteings each week. After that we went to lukes parents house, mainly because they have air conditioning, and to also scam a free meal *lol*.

Most of the day was spent watching luke and his brother play Playstation games *yawn*

I had a bit of a play around with my camera this afternoon. I decided to see what would happen if i used the timer button. This is the result… I think this could be the first photo i have of me and Miss C since she was about 3 months old.

Quote of the Day: “When i look at my daughter i see myself, only better” – Unknown

Me and the kids will probably spend most of tomorrow at my parents because it is gonna be another hot one (33 degrees), and they have air con too. My silly husband is going to play cricket.

HIgh: Got a call from a client yesterday wanting to purchase some prints, which means we’ll have some extra money this week.

Low: got two more bills in the mail today… so much for extra money *rolls eyes*.



February 27, 2006

Mummy Daughter Monday

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Another monday, another mummy daughter day..

Today we had to go and get two new spare tyres for both my car and lukes. Mine got a huge hole in it about 4 weeks ago, and lukes went flat for no reason yesterday. Easy way to blow $150 in one go. *sigh*

After that we went to the post office and posted some stuff to clients (slide show cd’s, prints and such). Then we brought a new book. “Too Many Pears” by Jackie French & Bruce Whitely. I LOVE the illustrations in this book, they are just beautiful. I borrowed it from the library for koby about a month ago, and he loved it. We had to read it everynight, and there were tears when it had to go back. My local book shop was having a sale, so it was on special.

After that we had some lunch then some window shopping and now we are home. Miss C is asleep, and i am eating donuts…mmmm…donuts.

I was so excited when i got home to find a big package waiting for me. It was some collage/decopage paper that i ordered online. I wasn’t expecting it to be delivered until next week. 

NOt much else is happening here today. I need to do some cleaning, dishes, washing ect. Here are some pics that i took this morning with my Film SLR. I hadn’t used it in ages, and there was half a film in it from months ago, so i thought i’d better use it up before the film gets too old. Here is Miss C playing her LeapPad Piano with her feet, and rearranging the furnature in her room. Notice all the toys strewn on the floor.

I don’t know why i bother trying to keep them on her shelf. She loves to just stand there and pull them all off again. Funny girl.

Oh, and i think lilac and brown are definatly “her” colours… I think it’s a blonde thing. Blondes always look good in purple…

February 25, 2006


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Charlee lernt a new word yestersay. We had major thunder storms here all afternoon, from about 3-6pm. Everytime there was a clap of thunder charlee would run over to the window and look.

 I kept telling her it was “thunder” and after about half an hour she began to call it “tun-dar”. She would stop what she was doing, look up and say “oooh tun-dar everytime it came. When luke came home from cricket the first thing she said to him was “ooh tun-dar” and pointed out the window. he he.. so cute… 

Look, I made a quilt!

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It didn’t take me three months either. It only took three days. I had to make a few minor alterations because it wasn’t quite big enough. But overall I think I was pretty successful for my first quilt.I even embroidered a little message on the bottom corner. “To my princess, love mummy xx. 2006”. OK so my embroidery leaves a little to be desired, but the important thing is Charlee loved it.

Now I just have to get her to sleep in her big girl bed…

Last time I attempted this it lasted a whole 12 hours. I thought I would ease her into it by just taking off one side of her cot. I was absolutely thrilled when she went to sleep in it after her bottle during the day. I though “this is easy”.

 I spoke too soon of course. When it came to bed time, it took me three and a half hours of crying, fighting, screaming and whining (And that was just me * lol *). She would not go to sleep. So I had to put the side of the cot back up again, and within 10 min she was fast asleep.

That was about 2 months ago, so I think I’ll give it another month then I’ll try again..

February 22, 2006

Girls with curls

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I can’t believe how fast Charlees hair is growing. It feels like every morning it has grown another centimeter. And it is getting so curly.

I think she must get that from my sister, because my hair was always dead strait, and from what I can tell, Lukes was always strait as a baby too. I had to invest in some more clips, ties and bobby pins the other day to help hold her fringe back. Which now, when not pinned or tied back, sits just on the bridge of her nose.

I know I should cut it but I wont. It’s a girl thing.

She has also started walking around in the cutest little manner. She places her hands on her hips and struts around the place. Usually after draping herself in numerous “pretties” (i.e. beads, ribbons and other such treasures).

She is so funny to watch.

She loads all these pretties up into her handbag, and on herself. Picks up “puppy” and stuffs him in her bag to. Gathers up all her things and piles it into her toy pram (quite often involving at least one pair of shoes, either mine, hers, Kobys or Lukes. She isn’t fussy) and pushes them all around the house.

A boy and his tomatoes.

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 Koby loves tomatoes, not just any tomatoes, but the small cherry tomato variety. He loves them. Ever since he had his first one at about eighteen months old. He has been known to polish of an entire punit of them on his own in less than 30 min. He eats them like any normal kid would eat strawberries.

My mum decided it would be a good idea to buy him a cherry tomato plant for him to grow himself. She went out last November and brought a little kit that had the pot, the soil the seed and instructions. And sent it home with him. We planted the seed, and after about 10-14 days (As stated on the packet) we began to see some little seedlings. Boy oh boy was he excited.

Two weeks later the seedlings were looking a little worse for ware. Birds had been picking at them, and they looked a little sick. So mum and me discussed our options, and decided to buy him an already established seedling, and go from there. So we did.

Koby would check this plant religiously every morning for any sign of a tomato. And one day in early January, he was blessed. One tiny little green tomato had started to grow.

Now he has been waiting and watching this little green tomato grow for close to 4 weeks. Every day he would ask me if he could eat it yet. And we would go outside and give it a thorough inspection. I would ask him if he thinks it is red enough. And he would reply by telling me if, in his opinion, the tomato was red enough or if we should leave it one more day.

One morning early this week, he came to the conclusion that yes, yes it was ready to eat. But he said he would wait until he got home from playgroup so that he could show grandma.

When the time came, he picked that tomato with more pride than I have ever seen in a little boy. Closed his eyes and placed the warm, juicy red morsel into his mouth.

Then, he spat it back out…

“It’s all fuzzy mummy, and it hurts my tongue” he said with horrified expression on his face. So I took the tiny little tomato from him and washed it under the tap until he was satisfied, then I cut it in half.

This time it passed inspection, and he munched it up with great enthusiasm.

“Mmm, it’s very yummy” replied the three-year-old tomato connoisseur.

“Now I have to wait for the tree to make another one mummy…”

February 21, 2006

Mmmmm… Popcorn chicken….

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We had KFC for lunch today… bad, bad mummy.

*shakes a greasy finger at herself*


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