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February 22, 2006


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If you cant afford to pay for the photos i take then don’t hire me people.

In the past 2 weeks I have had three of my clients tell me that they cant afford to buy any of the prints right now. All of these sessions took place in December last year. They were all totally aware of my pricing before they hired me, and when they saw the proofs they all said that they loved them and would buy the proofs on cd. Then i heard nothing from them for weeks. I gave them all a curtesy call this week and they have all knocked me back.

If you are going to hire a photographer to take photos of your kids, then one would expect that you would be able to actually pay for said photos once taken. I’m not doing this just for the fun of it people. It would be nice to make some money too. I am trying to make a career out of this and that is not helping.

Do you have any idea how much time and effort I put into those photos? It takes days sitting at the computer to colour correct, retouch, crop, resize, and edit your photos.

One client in particular rang me on a Friday asking me to come and take photos of her daughter because she needed them on Wednesday (long story). So i went over there on a Sunday. Took about 200 photos. Worked my butt off for the next two days proofing them all. i printed off 4-5 photos on my own printer using my own ink and paper, so that she would have something to show. Presented them to her in a nice little folder. She picked them up on Wednesday, and loved them. Said she would contact me ASAP to order the cd. Did i hear from her? Nope. Nothing, for nearly 4 weeks. So i call her, and apparently she can’t afford to pay for them now.

It is so frustrating.

You wouldn’t hire a painter to repaint your entire home then after he has finished announce that you have no money to pay him. So why get me to come over and take photos of your kids if you have no intention of buying the photos?

I understand what it is like to have money issues. What i don’t understand is why these people hire me when they are probably fully aware that they cant afford to purchase any of the photos. I don’t expect everyone to spend $500, but i do expect to get something out of it.

The session fee covers my travel expenses, talent as a photographer and the slideshow cd. That doesn’t cover my time working on said photos, nor do I make any other profit unless you buy them. I don’t want to have to put up my session fee to cover the time I spend proofing, but if no one buys the photos I’m gonna have to. I know for a fact that I don’t charge anywhere near as much as many other Children’s photographers in the area, but that doesn’t mean I am less talented or that you can walk all over me.

I am not trying to scare off potential customers here. I’m human. I’m frustrated. I’m venting.

But seriously. If you don’t plan on buying any photos, or if you don’t think you can afford me then don’t waste my time. It’s as simple as that.


February 18, 2006

Latest shoot

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Yesterdays shoot went reall well. Gorgeous family, beautiful little boy and their house was fantastic to take photos in. I had heaps of fun.

 I thought i was running late, but when i got there i realised that i was actually 30 min early lol.. better early than late i guess.

 The kids stayed with mum, and had a good time. Koby didn’t want to come home as usual. We will probably end up back there this arvo sometime.

Not much else to say really. Off to proof some more photos.


January 17, 2006

My Website

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i have made myself a tempoary website at tripod. here is the address

January 4, 2006

how cute is this face,,,

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This is a pic from one of the photoshoots i did recently.. how precious is she? Her brothers were all quite cute too, but she definatly stole the show. Mind you her mother was an absolute stunner so she obviously had good geans going for her. Anyway, that’s all for now, just wanted to share.
Charlee is in a shitty mood, the poor little petal is getting(what looks like) four teeth at once. So she is not doing to well.

November 21, 2005


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well what a weekend i had.
it started on friday night when i went out clubbing with the girls. It was my friends birthday so we went out for tea and out dancing. i stumbled home at about 3am. I was quite good though, and only had one drink, so i didn’t have a hangover to deal with as well. Luke has cricket on Sat morning though so i had to get up when the kids woke at about 7:30.. i’m still recovering *yawn*

then the next day i had a photoshoot at 2 that i nearly forgot about. If the client hadn’t called me that morning to push the time back an hour then i don’t think i would have remembered.
the shoot went pretty well, four boys (10, 7 and 18 month old twins) who were all considerably out of control. I have proofed most of the shots though, and it appears as though i have quite a few good ones.
then on Sunday i had my great grandfathers 100th birthday party.. yes.. 100! and he is still going strong. i reccon he will out-live me at this rate.

anyway, charlee has just gone down for a nap, and koby is at grandma’s so i’m gonna get some cleaning done.

high: finished chrissy shopping for the kids today, and also got the pessies for charlees birthday.
low: i have 3 piles of washing i need to sort through and put away… *groan*..

November 9, 2005


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ok just a quick one tonight.
photo shoot went well.
i have a shockin headache now though. Both kids are in bed, so i’m gonna toddle off now too.

High: My mother-in-law filled up my car with petrol this morning($50 worth!)… bless her
Low: it was a hot day and i have a headache 😦
but there is a cool change and a thunderstorm coming.



November 7, 2005

So you found it…

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…great, welcome. This is my life in a blog. For all you nosey people with nothing better to do than follow the link LOL. Hopefully i will be able to keep this as a regular log taking note of the boring comings and goings of my life.

OK a bit about me (for those who actually don’t know me). I am 24. I married my highschool boyfriend in 2002. Three months before that our son Koby was brought into the world. Two and a half years later he was joined by out little princess Charlee, who is now almost one.

Luke works full time, and i have just started my own photography busness, specalising in babies and children. (Shameless plug warning: If you are in the melbourne area and are interested in having me come over and do a photo shoot of your children them please feel free to email me and organize a session 🙂 )We rent a house in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne in Australia.

At the moment my life consists of changing nappies, feeding kids, washing clothes, doing the dishes, and chatting to my many online friends. who probably know more about me than my few real life friends whom i hardly get to see. Mainly because i am the only one with kids, and so i dont really have much in common with the people that i was friends with before the kids. Don’t get me wrong, i still have a few great real life friends who i talk to on a regular basis. But many of my “old” friends have moved on with their lives. Which is fair enough.

anyway moving on.. news from today..

High point: got to sleep in till 8:30am
Low Point: Charlee has discovered that it’s funny to drop all her food onto the floor while she is in her highchair… note to charlee: it’s not funny possum..

well both kids are in bed now, and luke has just gotten home from basket ball (he plays in a team with his old high school mates every monday night). So i should probably go and be sociable with him.


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