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Since i spend 90% of my life at home, i am forced to use whatever i have handy as inspiration. If i have the urge to photograph things other than my kids, i generally only have whatever i can find laying around, and i then have to find someway of making it interesting. Some of the regular props include my little red chair.

This chair was discovered about 3 years ago on the side of the road ready for a hard rubbish collection. It had a sister that i also collected. Besides being rather well loved, i thought they still had quite a bit of life left in them, so i took them home with the intention of sanding them back and giving them a new lick of paint. However once i got hem home and gave them a quick spit shine, i discovered that the red was a lot more vibrant than i originally though, and they also had this lovely character. All the chipped paint and marks make for an interesting back drop. I use it al the time when taking photos of my kids, because it’s a great way to get them to stay put, and it also gives the photos a nice rustic look.


Another item reguarly used by me are my various knitted rugs. I have always admired people who have the patience to sit down and knit or crochet a blanket. Me, I just can’t be bothered. I have gone through several knitting phases in my endless pursuit for the perfect craft. However I barely manage to punch out a wonky scarf before I get too bored with it and move on.

This rug was given to us (one of many) when Koby was born. I think we used it once or twice when he was a newborn, but since then it has been wasting away in the linen cupboard.Honestly, crocheted rugs just aren’t that practical for babies. Their little fingers get all tangled up in the holes and they are a bugger to try and wash, and then get dry again without it stretching out of shape.

But again, for photographic purposes, it makes a fantastic backdrop. It gives the photos this lovely country feel. And the texture, once again, is to die for.

I litterally have about a dozen of these rugs in various colour combinations, and patterns. I use them mostly with newborn shoots, and as different and interesting backdrops. The texture can add some interest and texture to a photo, as long as the clothing that the subject is wearing isn’t too busy. Generally a set up with a child in a plain top and maybe some denim jeans with one of these blankets as a backdrop can look really nice.


When i get the urge to do a still life, you cant go past a simple vase of flowers. I have quite a few nice vases, mostly picked up from various antique stores. But you can never get enough. Essentially anything that can hold water can be used as a vase. In the photo below i have used an old jug to hold these dried roses. (They were the bridesmaid bouquet that i held for my best friends wedding). Still life can be anything. Often I’ll take a few photos of my kids favourite toys, usually where ever they lay after being finished with. The photo to the left is my daughters “Puppy” who goes everywhere with her. but i often find him left abandoned in the strangest places and positions. And that nearly always lead to really interesting photos. this little puppy has begun to develop a real personality of his own, and i could probably write a whole children’s book on the mischief and places he goes. 

Anyway my point is, you don’t have to go along way to find inspiration os subjects to photograph. Have a walk around your own home and look at interesting patterns with light, or a strange collection of bits and pieces and you will probably find an interesting composition. Go in close to something, or move further away. Shoot from different and unexpected angle, and arrange items that don’t necessarily go together. Just have a play around and see what magic evolves.









all photos copyright clair bremner photography 2006




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