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I think I would be stating the obvious here by saying that my children are my one constant inspiration. I think they always will be. It wasn’t until after I had Koby, that I discovered the pure joy of taking photographs of my own children.

I know I look at them through biased eyes, and every mother thinks she has the most beautiful children. But through taking so many photos of them I have been able to hone in my skills, and refine my style so that now I am able to see beauty in other people’s kids, and take wonderful photos of them as well. See, there is a method to the madness.

Some people may say that it is easyer to take photos of your own children rather than children that you don’t know. But i don’t always agree. My kids are so over having their photo taken now, that out of 50 shots i am lucky to get one or two that i can use. Or that i would be proud enough to display in public. 90% of them don’t work.

With children that are not familiar with you you can use old tricks that no longer work for my own kids to get their attentoin. Such as bringing along a toy of my own for them to borrow during the shoot (especally good for kids under 2). Or asking them to see if they can see their own reflection in the camera lense (always gets a really curious look on their face). Or you can pull silly faces to get them to laugh. If i pull silly faces at my kids they just look at me as if i am strange *lol*.



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  1. Hi, I found your blog as I was looking for inspiration for a princess quilt that I want to make for my daughter, and now I find myself reading and reading… 😉 It seems we have a few things in common – I quilt, I love scrapbooking (although I never had time to actually learn some techniques), I have a daughter whose name is Charlize (!), she is now 17 months old. I love the pictures of your little princess, too. I am 30 years old and we live in Germany. I will be back here to read more!

    Comment by Juliane — March 14, 2007 @ 10:51 pm

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