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Sketches Of Koby

I made these sketches of Koby when he was about two. We were at the beach at Venus Bay, and it was a pretty cold day so he had his big toasty warm jacket on. He looked like one of the characters from SouthPark.They are just simple five min pencil sketches of him making sandcastles and playing with daddy, but they bring back so many memories of how little he once was. And the way that he would stick out his little fingers, because he hated them covered in sand.These gesturel type sketches are so easy to do. It’s not about getting a perfectly accurate drawing, it’s about recording the essence off a subject. Just a few quick lines can capture to movement, form and overall shape of a subject. It can take some practice for you to be able to do these quick sketches, but it is so worth it.Once you learn to do these you are able to sit down and make quick reference sketches anywhere the inspiration takes you. and it doesn’t matter if what you are sketching decides to move away, because if you have done it right then the first 5-10 lines should have given you all the information you need.  



  You can then go back over the sketch later on to create more detail and definition. In the sketch to my left for example. the first stage of the sketch can be seen in the simple line drawing, while the one closer to the right has been worked more a bit later on to give it more tone and definition.













 Tip: Remember to keep it simple.






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