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February 22, 2006

Girls with curls

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I can’t believe how fast Charlees hair is growing. It feels like every morning it has grown another centimeter. And it is getting so curly.

I think she must get that from my sister, because my hair was always dead strait, and from what I can tell, Lukes was always strait as a baby too. I had to invest in some more clips, ties and bobby pins the other day to help hold her fringe back. Which now, when not pinned or tied back, sits just on the bridge of her nose.

I know I should cut it but I wont. It’s a girl thing.

She has also started walking around in the cutest little manner. She places her hands on her hips and struts around the place. Usually after draping herself in numerous “pretties” (i.e. beads, ribbons and other such treasures).

She is so funny to watch.

She loads all these pretties up into her handbag, and on herself. Picks up “puppy” and stuffs him in her bag to. Gathers up all her things and piles it into her toy pram (quite often involving at least one pair of shoes, either mine, hers, Kobys or Lukes. She isn’t fussy) and pushes them all around the house.


A boy and his tomatoes.

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 Koby loves tomatoes, not just any tomatoes, but the small cherry tomato variety. He loves them. Ever since he had his first one at about eighteen months old. He has been known to polish of an entire punit of them on his own in less than 30 min. He eats them like any normal kid would eat strawberries.

My mum decided it would be a good idea to buy him a cherry tomato plant for him to grow himself. She went out last November and brought a little kit that had the pot, the soil the seed and instructions. And sent it home with him. We planted the seed, and after about 10-14 days (As stated on the packet) we began to see some little seedlings. Boy oh boy was he excited.

Two weeks later the seedlings were looking a little worse for ware. Birds had been picking at them, and they looked a little sick. So mum and me discussed our options, and decided to buy him an already established seedling, and go from there. So we did.

Koby would check this plant religiously every morning for any sign of a tomato. And one day in early January, he was blessed. One tiny little green tomato had started to grow.

Now he has been waiting and watching this little green tomato grow for close to 4 weeks. Every day he would ask me if he could eat it yet. And we would go outside and give it a thorough inspection. I would ask him if he thinks it is red enough. And he would reply by telling me if, in his opinion, the tomato was red enough or if we should leave it one more day.

One morning early this week, he came to the conclusion that yes, yes it was ready to eat. But he said he would wait until he got home from playgroup so that he could show grandma.

When the time came, he picked that tomato with more pride than I have ever seen in a little boy. Closed his eyes and placed the warm, juicy red morsel into his mouth.

Then, he spat it back out…

“It’s all fuzzy mummy, and it hurts my tongue” he said with horrified expression on his face. So I took the tiny little tomato from him and washed it under the tap until he was satisfied, then I cut it in half.

This time it passed inspection, and he munched it up with great enthusiasm.

“Mmm, it’s very yummy” replied the three-year-old tomato connoisseur.

“Now I have to wait for the tree to make another one mummy…”


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If you cant afford to pay for the photos i take then don’t hire me people.

In the past 2 weeks I have had three of my clients tell me that they cant afford to buy any of the prints right now. All of these sessions took place in December last year. They were all totally aware of my pricing before they hired me, and when they saw the proofs they all said that they loved them and would buy the proofs on cd. Then i heard nothing from them for weeks. I gave them all a curtesy call this week and they have all knocked me back.

If you are going to hire a photographer to take photos of your kids, then one would expect that you would be able to actually pay for said photos once taken. I’m not doing this just for the fun of it people. It would be nice to make some money too. I am trying to make a career out of this and that is not helping.

Do you have any idea how much time and effort I put into those photos? It takes days sitting at the computer to colour correct, retouch, crop, resize, and edit your photos.

One client in particular rang me on a Friday asking me to come and take photos of her daughter because she needed them on Wednesday (long story). So i went over there on a Sunday. Took about 200 photos. Worked my butt off for the next two days proofing them all. i printed off 4-5 photos on my own printer using my own ink and paper, so that she would have something to show. Presented them to her in a nice little folder. She picked them up on Wednesday, and loved them. Said she would contact me ASAP to order the cd. Did i hear from her? Nope. Nothing, for nearly 4 weeks. So i call her, and apparently she can’t afford to pay for them now.

It is so frustrating.

You wouldn’t hire a painter to repaint your entire home then after he has finished announce that you have no money to pay him. So why get me to come over and take photos of your kids if you have no intention of buying the photos?

I understand what it is like to have money issues. What i don’t understand is why these people hire me when they are probably fully aware that they cant afford to purchase any of the photos. I don’t expect everyone to spend $500, but i do expect to get something out of it.

The session fee covers my travel expenses, talent as a photographer and the slideshow cd. That doesn’t cover my time working on said photos, nor do I make any other profit unless you buy them. I don’t want to have to put up my session fee to cover the time I spend proofing, but if no one buys the photos I’m gonna have to. I know for a fact that I don’t charge anywhere near as much as many other Children’s photographers in the area, but that doesn’t mean I am less talented or that you can walk all over me.

I am not trying to scare off potential customers here. I’m human. I’m frustrated. I’m venting.

But seriously. If you don’t plan on buying any photos, or if you don’t think you can afford me then don’t waste my time. It’s as simple as that.

February 21, 2006

Mmmmm… Popcorn chicken….

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We had KFC for lunch today… bad, bad mummy.

*shakes a greasy finger at herself*


February 20, 2006

A girls day to shop.

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Well that’s what Monday’s are anyway. Koby has started going to playgroup with his grandma again which means and she takes him out of my hair all day. So me and Charlee get to have mummy daughter days. Today we hit the shops.

I picked up some cute tops for her at Cotton On Kids. 50% off, so they were only $10 each. I also scored a gorgeous dress for myself only $15 (reduced down from the original price of $69!!!) from Tree Of Life.

 Then we sat down in the food court and had some lunch. Then more window shopping followed. I also popped into spotlight to pick up some fabric to start making Charlee a quilt for her big girl bed. I don’t know what possessed me to want to make her a quilt considering I have never quilted in my life. But I have been looking around for a while for a decent donah cover for her, and I have always come home gravely disappointed and empty handed.

At Kmart and Target all I can ever find is Barbie, Bratz, My Little Pony or some other boringly un-original licensed brand. And I have had a look in spotlight a few times, but anything nice and original looking is not gonna leave me much change from $100. And i simply can not justify spending that much on a donah cover for her.

Heck i don’t even spend that much on linen for myself! So I am making her a quilt. I picked up some gorgeous fabric in pink and pale blue tones ( a gingham check, a stripe, a paisley, a floral and a small print floral). They were only $4.95 a meter. And I have made up the design myself.


It will probably take me a good 3 months to finish. But I will pop it up on here to let you all have a squiz at my handiwork when it is done. Anyway after spotlight, we popped into Coles to pick up some small things. And when I got home I remembered that I had forgotten to buy garbage bags (the last one is currently lining the 80% full bin as we speak). So now it looks like I’ll have to go all the way down to the shops again, just to buy garbage bags. Oooh I have a better idea.. I’ll just get Luke to grab some on his way home from work. Brilliant.High: finding my $15 bargan dress, and it was actually in my size for a change.

 Low: realizing that i forgot to get the garbage bags, which when i think about it, were the only things i really needed to remember to get.            


February 18, 2006

Latest shoot

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Yesterdays shoot went reall well. Gorgeous family, beautiful little boy and their house was fantastic to take photos in. I had heaps of fun.

 I thought i was running late, but when i got there i realised that i was actually 30 min early lol.. better early than late i guess.

 The kids stayed with mum, and had a good time. Koby didn’t want to come home as usual. We will probably end up back there this arvo sometime.

Not much else to say really. Off to proof some more photos.


February 17, 2006

Puke, puke and more puke…

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Well charlees puking continued well into the day. By six oclock she had hardly had any fluids, because everytime i gave her somethign to drink, within 10 min she would throw it up again. So she was getting very dehydrated. So i decided to take her down to our local emergancy room. Two and a half hours later a doctor finally saw her. She had thrown up twice in the waiting room. He looked her over and came to the conclusion that she was dehydrated, but not enough to want to admit her. So he gave me this speel about how to gradually reintroduce fluids until she is over it. Information that i

A: already knew and

B: could have been told 2.5 hours ago and been sent on my merry little way.

Anyway, i finally got her to sleep just after twelve, and she only woke up once at about 2 for a drink, and then slept till 7:30. So far today she has had a few things to eat and quite alot to drink, and has managed to hold it all down.

It’s not a plesent experience watching your one year old puking her guts out, and not being able to do anything about it.

Apparently it was just a gastro bug, that koby probably brought home from Kinder. which means that me and luke will probably end up with it too at some stage.

Anyway, my little one has just woken up, so i’d better go give her a cuddle. just cuz i want to.

February 16, 2006


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Charlee just threw up on me..


how a one year old can hold so much in her stomach is totally beyond me..

February 15, 2006

Don’t you love being a mum…

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Koby is sick, and was up all night puking. and guess who got the pleasure of cleaning it all up…

luke wouldn’t even walk in the room he was so grossed out. So i was left to clean it all up, while he nursed the wiped down and re-pjed koby.

lovely.. juat lovely

February 14, 2006

you’ve got to be kidding me!!

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i gave the throat specalist a call to try and get an appointment. Firstly the closest i could get was…wait for it…April! secondly it’s gonna cost me $128 bucks just for the consultation, and whatever procedures he decided to do on the day is gonna cost me extra. And to top it all off, they only accept payment upfront. Geez louise you’d hate to be dying of something wouldn’t you! *insert shocked smilie here*

I decided to do a bit of a look around into my other options, and discovered that the victorian eye and ear hospital could probably help me out. It is a public hospital, so with my health care card it won’t cost me anything. I rang them up and they said that i still need a refferal from my doctor. so now i have to ring up my doctor and explain to him that i am too poor to go and see the specalist that he recomended so i need a new refferal. The old me would have probably just let it go, and not bothered going to see anyone. after all, my doctor did say that the xray ruled out anything terrible and potentionally life threatening, so why bother. But in the long run i think i’d better get it looked at now. Just in case.

high: Rove starts tonight.
low: charlee woke up at 4am this morning. *yawn*
she just woke up crying. she was still half asleep though, so i gave her a bottle, and she managed to go back to sleep again. I think it’s her teeth. i discovered yesterday that she has two of her back molars.

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